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Patty Denny, in 1997, started her company in the beautiful box canyon of Telluride, and called it Telluride Truffle. She always had a dream to build a successful business, and she finally made it a reality with her delectable handmade truffles.
Telluride Truffles are handmade with organic Colorado cream, Belgian Chocolate and fine liqueurs and natural flavors. Named after the mountain activities we love such as Powder Day, Snow Capped and Mud Season they are truly unique.
While Telluride Truffle is best known for our truffles, we have other amazing products such as cookies, chocolate barks, caramel & chocolate sauces, as well as hot chocolate mix. Shop for your favorites and we'll deliver them straight to your door!
We call our chocolate sauce Chocolate Truffle Liquor because it is made with the same ingredients as our truffles: organic cream, chocolate couveture, and flavored with natural oils and fruits or fine liquors. Not to be compared with most other chocolate sauces made with corn syrup and cocoa powder. There is no comparison.

Pour it over ice cream, use as a fondue or just eat it off a spoon. This is not factory sealed therefore it must be refrigerated upon receipt. Due to no preservatives, we suggest it be used within the month – usually not a problem.

Available in the same flavors as the truffles
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