Often people email me with their comments after they receive their truffles. Here are a few…


  • They are so good they stop thought. You pop one in your mouth and you just can’t think – they take total concentration. – Valentina Lert, Chiropractor, Telluride, Colorado
  • Just wanted to let you know that we received your truffles and they were Heaven on earth! My wife and I simply loved them! We had to limit ourselves to just sharing two each night or else we would have eaten the all of them in the blink of an eye. Thanks again for the wonderful truffles. – Jack Fuller
  • I received my shipment with no hitch. They arrived in perfect condition and I am savoring each and every one. I know Mom always taught me to share but, oh baby, okay, only with my husband. They are delicious. Also since I have a moment, I heard of you on the Food Network specifically on “On the Road with Roker.” I am very impressed by your product and by your customer care. Also, I will be ordering in the future. Thank you. – Elizabeth Telfer
  • My boss is Belgian and a chocolate snob – only eats chocolate from Europe and he eats a lot of it. I brought him back a box of your truffles and he politely smiled and said that he would share them. I suggested he try them first before he gives any away. Later I went into his office and he said in amazement, “I’ve had three of these and I can tell you this woman really knows what she’s doing.” Now I gotta tell you – that is a first and really attests to the quality of this product. Thanks for helping me make points with my boss. – Lorraine Brown, Atlanta Georgia. Then she forwarded this email from her boss the next day
    ”By the way, I was soooooooo disappointed this morning when I got to my desk and I realized that all of my Telluride chocolates were gone!!! Those things were GOOD and that’s coming from a Belgian who knows (and has the belly to prove it!) Take care JM
  • The truffles were AMAZING. Thanks much for a great treat. My boyfriend enjoyed them with me. I almost didn’t share!!! I’ve told friends about your product and I plan to order more in the future. Have a great day and thanks again!! – Christa Simms
  • Tonight we tried the truffles and I just had to tell you: they are amazing! My husband ate a whole box and so did I. We just couldn’t stop. Forget Godiva, forget the champagne truffles he brought me from Switzerland a few years ago, these are the very best! Thanks so much for making such a wonderful treat with care and love. – Viola Kortright in Puerto Rico
  • The package arrived today, and my wife was home early to bring them inside. When I arrived home much later I opened a box and checked them out. There was no visible damage. How did they taste? Outstanding! I am normally a bar chocolate eater plus dark chocolate with buttercream centers on the weekend. Your truffles were a terrific special occasion treat. I have to confess I ate them one after the other. Couldn’t stop. The second box will be a gift at my office. I expect there will be no problem with that one either, but I will let you know if there is. Thanks for your attentiveness. I will make another purchase in the near future. Your truffles are the first I’ve seen with enough filling to allow more than one man-size bite. Are you allowed to eat truffles and drive in Colorado? – Neil Barton
  • Your truffles are just out of this world, WOW!!!! I ate them all within two nights with the help of my husband. I will certainly order again in the future. Thank you for making a chocoholic very happy. – Carolyn Westrich
  • I just received my truffles and I’ve already eaten the BUNNY HILL & SPIRAL. YUMMY!!!!!!! My husband is very jealous that I’m not sharing. He is allergic to NUTS. Is there any nut or nut oil in the truffles? Maybe I’ll tell him there is so I can finish off the box!!! But if you can let me know I’d appreciate it….THANKS ALOT! – Christine (life2x)
  • Thank You!!!!!!!! Great product! Delicious! Plus the very best online ordering experience that I have ever had!!!! Candy arrived on Friday and with your advance notice was still cold when I got it! I was very impressed! Thanks so much!! – Nancy Wulf
  • I took one bite of one of your truffles and I was amazed. I didn’t even know what flavor it was but by golly it was amazing. I love the mountain look and the chocolate itself! My whole family and I were practically beating each other up for the box! Haha. No I’m kidding. But we enjoyed your truffles! Keep Making MORE! – Liz
  • Absolutely fabulous…the truffles, the packaging, the shipping (a day earlier than you expected), and the personal service! Thanks so much. So far the Myers rum and Chambord are the favorites. – Sheila Thompson, a future repeat customer
  • I took your truffles with me to give out as gifts as I traveled through Paris, Germany and Switzerland. They were very well-received in Paris and Germany, but in Switzerland, when I gave them to the hosts in front of a dinner party of 20 folks from around the world, everyone roared with laughter that I would bring “American Chocolate” to Switzerland. That situation didn’t last long however; once they tasted them, there was no further laughter and they went on to other topics of discussion. I guess that’s as close the Swiss can come to admitting your chocolates are great. Thanks again for getting them to me – hoping to meet you the next time I visit Telluride. – Steve Fetter