Weddings & Events

Custom Chocolate Truffles make for an excellent gift for weddings, parties and special occasions. Our handmade truffles are crafted with the finest ingredients including Belgian chocolate, organic whole cream and fine liquors. Special event truffles can be packaged in a traditional black box with label or in a shiny triangular white box with ribbons.Giving Telluride Truffle chocolates at your function shows that you have exceptional taste and individuality. Offer your guests a gift that makes feel special and has them saying “Where did you find these amazing chocolates? They’re fantastic!”.

Truffles are packaged in boxes of one, two, three or seven. You choose the ribbon that correlates with the colors of your event. We have done everything from custom flavors, custom decoration on truffles or custom tissue paper inside the boxes to name only a few individualized options.We also provide cards inside each box stating the truffles have been packaged specially for your event. Give us a call or email us and tell us what you have in mind. We’re always interested to hear about what we can do for your event.

How To Order

Please tell us the date of your function, the approximate number of people the function is for, and the location of the event and we will give you a cost quote. Pricing for Special Events is usually less than retail. For exact pricing please call us at, so we can discuss your event and the variety of custom services that we can provide. If you prefer to contact us through email, please send the approximate quantity and your event specifics. We will be happy to email you back with specific quotes.

Please note when ordering white triangular boxes, a ribbon must be provided. Telluride Truffle will cut and tie ribbons. Also, in orders of 50 or more, custom notes can be ordered such as “made especially for Jack and Jill on their wedding day” etc. No extra charge for these notes. Email or call us at our toll free number 1-866-543-0108 with your special order.